The Story

Jason & Maggie began their journey in the vintage rental business January 2011. The road to get here seemed to come pretty natural for the two as it began well before they had even met each other. Maggie was born into the rental business. Big Top Rentals, her parents tent and party supply rental company, is where Maggie would spend the summers working with her Mom in the office and even on the road with her Dad. Never did she think that all those tasks that became second nature to her here would play such a crucial role in the shaping of her own business one day. While Maggie spent the summer incidentally learning how to run a rental company, Jason was out along side his Mom and Dad dealing at the flea markets and rummaging through antique stores for interesting and unique finds. Even years later, Jason always kept the passion of the hunt with him and during down time from their jobs began to introduce it to Maggie. It started by just buying what they each were drawn to and before they knew it they had a vast collection, which is now called Maggpie.


At Maggpie, Maggie wears several hats in order to keep the business operating. One day she’s multi-tasking in the office; creating proposals, planning delivery schedules and managing the books. The next day you’ll find her unloading a truck full of 20 tables and 200 chairs. Along with the daily tasks, you can also call Maggie the creative director of Maggpie. In her work space she’s typically behind a sewing machine, creating a new design for the Maggpie collection or styling vignettes to show new ways inventory can be used. Whether it’s planning for an event or brainstorming a new idea, she is always finding ways to push the limits of Maggpie’s capabilities. 


The daily tasks of Maggpie don’t stop in the office, there’s plenty to maintain in the warehouse as well. This is where Jason plays a major role. Inventory maintenance, loading logistics and delivery driver are just a few of the tasks Jason is in charge of. Having an inventory of 300 chairs (and growing) means there’s always one that needs attention. A piece doesn’t leave the warehouse without being checked by him. Each time we load it’s meticulously planned by Jason to ensure the order fits and is safe on arrival. He not only makes sure each piece arrives safely but us as well. Jason is the one who makes the ideas happen. With his carpentry & welding skills and an in-house wood shop, there’s always something in the works at Maggpie. Over the past 5 years Jason has added 50 wood dining tables, several types of cocktail & bistro tables and even collapsible bars to the Maggpie inventory. His latest venture has been adding metal to his designs and we’ve welcomed some new pieces to the inventory this year.

Marty & Henry

Marty and Henry are a crucial part of the Maggpie family. Before being adopted by Maggie and Jason, Marty was a bay area resident who obtained his B.A. in Journalism from UCLA and wrote for several esteemed publications, including Meanwhile, Henry was part owner of an incredibly successful Pennslyvania auto parts business and frequently traveled to the west coast. After a chance meeting, they decided to go into business together, starting a small copywritng and marketing firm, Bones & Bacon. After several years of success, Marty and Henry decided that what would really bring them true happiness would be to live in Philadelphia with a lovely couple and take lots of naps on beautiful vintage furniture.