14 Days of Sweethearts – Hello, Bird

Ashley Wrenn-Peterson from Hello, Bird was our first to take on her sweetheart table. I’m pretty sure it was the coldest day we had at the warehouse this winter so far but that did not stop her from creating a warm and inviting table. I was won over by her choice of textiles + our Grayson Settee with the Chesterfield Sweetheart table couldn’t fit her palette any better.

Ashley Wrenn-Peterson: @hellowrennbird
photos courtesy of @kylephillip


hello, bird was born from Ashley Wrenn-Peterson’s love of letters and beautiful [mostly paper] details of past generations

hello-bird-800-hey-there-handsome hello-bird-800-lace-sequins hello-bird-800-overhead hello-bird-800-youre-the-one hello-bird-sweethearts2


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|REAL WEDDING| The Inn at Barley Sheaf

We love getting sneak peaks back from the photographer and we couldn’t wait to share this one!

Photographer: Gabby for Emily Wren Photography

Florist: Belovely 

Location: The Inn at Barley Sheaf