LET’S Get Together

WELLNESS DAY at MAGGPIE! Let’s not lose sight of what we’ve been working so hard on. I don’t know about you but I’ve had a great off season filled with lots of self-care and I want to keep it going! Without a doubt it becomes a struggle as we get back into the grind but it has become such an important part of my life in my day to day. So LET’S KEEP AT IT together!.
We’ll be hosting an AM nature walk, followed by an hour long Vinyasa yoga class with Cassidy Burton and ending it with a DIY smudge stick making with Jess Made from Society Blooms that of course will give us all a chance to Get Together, chat, brainstorm, get inspired and just relax!
WHEN: July 9, 2019 
WHERE: 160 S. Grims Mill Road Boyertown PA 19512
PRICE: $75/person
*This will be a full day so we will be providing snacks, beverages and lunch!
About The Yoga Class:
Cassidy, RYT 200, is an advocate of radical self care and uses yoga as a tool to invigorate and connect with the self as a whole – mind, body, soul.  She will guide you through a yoga sequence fusing grounding postures honoring the elements of nature within and around us along with heart opening poses to invite in gratitude.    
The style of yoga taught us Vinyasa which incorporates fluid movements, fun and creative sequences, paralleling breath with postures, and as always, modifications. All levels of yoga welcome, from beginner to intermediate.  We will end with a guided meditation into Savasana weaving in our inner energy centers (chakras) with the utmost intelligence of our natural surroundings.  
About The Floral Smudge Sticks:
Jess will lead us in making floral smudge sticks with organic white sage, rosemary & herbs along with various types of florals to banish those bad vibes!