14 Days of Sweethearts – Ink + Mortar


14 Days of Sweethearts – Ink + Mortar

Ink + Mortar Design Co. is a boutique graphic + web design studio and constructing one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted designs is our specialty. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to create identities and web designs and an outcome that is uniquely them. Ink + Mortar’s name comes from the belief that adding the hand-crafted touch (the ink) to a design foundation (the mortar) can create uniquely personal designs for each and every brand.

Our inspiration:

Putting ink to paper is our specialty here at @inkandmortar, so we chose to let paper and ink be the primary medium of our Sweetheart Table. Using the theme “One Giant Love Letter,” we combined three dimensional paper elements with our hand-drawn script, two beautiful wingback chairs, a Maggpie original table, and other vintage treasures from Maggpie’s collection to bring our vision to life!

instagram: @inkandmortar

website: inkandmortar.com

From Maggpie: White Whitman Sweetheart Table + Charlee Chairs

inkandmortar-table-1 inkandmortar-table-2 inkandmortar-table-3 inkandmortar-table-4 inkandmortar-table-5 inkandmortar-table-6 inkandmortar-table-7


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