14 Days of Sweethearts – Kate Farley Design


14 Days of Sweethearts – Kate Farley Design


The style direction for the sweetheart table design borrowed heavily from my own personal home style. Having a busy life, I strive for simplicity, minimalism and functionality in my every day life which is what Scandinavian design is all about. (Kate Farley Design | www.katefarleydesign.com) Danielle of Danfredo Photo + Film (www.danfredo.com) was just a perfect match when looking for a photographer because she has the same design style in her own home, so we paired up to make an awesome team. Keeping true to the aesthetic, we created a tablescape that incorporated loads of natural elements such as wood, leather, wool, copper, marble, antlers and skulls, metal, furs, hides and natural greens.

We chose Maggpie’s White Whitman table for it’s sleek design and light color combination of natural wood and white metal legs. The white Lincoln chairs were a perfect match to the clean lines of the table. The rest was a careful curation of items from our own personal homes and Maggpie’s amazing collection.

Rather than having an over the top design laden with florals, we decided to take the word sweetheart table literally and create a centerpiece with an assortment of miniature cakes made by Saylormade (www.saylormade.net) for a minimalist and functional tablescape.  The textural cakes were topped greens such as jasmine vine and button ferns placed atop marble cake stands and slabs. We used square marble chargers, rose gold flatware and copper moscow mules for the table setting and added a small copper pot filled with ferns which created a beautiful contrast on top of the light natural wood top of the table.

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