14 Days of Sweethearts – Kim Winey Photography


14 Days of Sweethearts – Kim Winey Photography


When Maggie approached me about helping out with the remaining few tables, I felt like a kid in a candy store.  Maggie and I, together again playing with the props?  Yesssss. We tossed around several ideas, but as my eyes landed on our “Bacon makes everythino better” tea towel, the happy-genius-dance started involuntarily spasming through my body. *Note- I am not a genius. I just play one in my living room.


“We love bacon.  Jim Gaffigan loves bacon. The world {mostly} loves bacon.  And in full disclosure, once upon a time, our son’s knickname was Bacon.  mmhmm  We love it that much.  So to say “I love you MORE than bacon” well, that’s like the strongest kinda love ever, right there.”


Our question of where to procure some bacon was easily answered in the form of Rooster Street Provisions.  {www.roosterst.com}


Rooster Street is quite possibly the most charming store in Elizabethtown, Pa.  Family run, locally supplied, and tasty, tasty, tasty, it has the perfect recipe for a very memorable mom and pop store.

Kristina and Tony, the talented husband and wife duo of RSP,  kindly supplied us with copious amounts of bacon and other fare.  They also allowed me to select Rooster Street piggie props to add to our goodies and really make our table sizzle.  Well as much as a table can sizzle in a 35 degree warehouse…


Alli, my niece, bravely took on the role of intern and was an incredible asset as she helped prepare the goods and make our bacon table come to life.  {Thank you, Alli!}

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The overall concept of the bacon table was an office take over.  So, rather than have two separate chairs like one would see at a regular sweetheart table, we went for an intimate, fun, lap-sitting, bacon-feeding arrangement.


Huge, huge thanks to Maggie and Jason for popping into the scene to demonstrate this interactive element, and for giving me the opportunity to play in your warehouse again!I love you more than bacon!

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