14 Days of Sweethearts – Leaves of Grass


14 Days of Sweethearts – Leaves of Grass

“Tucked Into The Garden”… A magic little tabletop garden for the couple to tuck in to. Candles and branches above and below, a cascading stream of satin “water”, and lush florals on either side will frame them beautifully for their guests, while feeling like their own intimate, romantic space. This table is loaded with surprising and special details, like the vintage gold vases, fresh ferns and daffodils nestled into candle holders, and sprawling vines that grow over and under the table. We love styling WILDLY at Leaves of Grass, with lots of foraged and locally sourced materials that speak for themselves.” Maggpie’s Chesterfield Sweetheart Table +White Mismatched Chairs.

Amy Young: Leaves of Grass

Photos by Vale Bruck

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