14 days of Sweethearts – Love Me Do Photography, Confetti & Co.


14 days of Sweethearts – Love Me Do Photography, Confetti & Co.

When given the chance to design a sweetheart table, it was only natural to make the table be about our favorite pastime: camping and exploring America.

Each item on our tables cape comes from our own homes: artifacts we’ve collected from our many trips across our country, hiking state parks, wandering the desert, meeting new people and learning their stories.  The rest is the gear we often bring with us on our explorations: camp cookery, tools, games, blankets to keep us warm in our tents. We decided to focus our table on more of an American West theme, which is our favorite part of the States to visit and explore. We used tillandsia and spanish moss, both native to the southwest. The arrowheads were collected from Zion National Park, Utah and petrified wood from the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. The blankets we used reference Yakima, Washington and Glacier National park, Montana. The camp gear can be found at most any camping store.

Sara from confetti & co. (http://confettiandcompany.com) helped turn our ideas and artifacts into a tablescape that could appear at a wedding. Our female model is wearing the Prato Romper from BHLDN (http://www.bhldn.com/product/prato-romper).

The coyote was hunted by Les Lipnicky and given to Al Liedke to live in his middle school classroom. Al’s students named him Wiley.

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