14 Days of Sweethearts – Occassionette & Giant Dwarf


14 Days of Sweethearts – Occassionette & Giant Dwarf


As February approaches here in Philadelphia, it can be difficult to summon feelings of warmth during our chilly and darkened days. When we were invited to be a part of this project, we both knew we wanted to evoke a sense of brightness through citrus-hued pops of color. To set the scene for our Valentine’s Day brunch, we chose fresh clementines, grapefruits, and blueberries to accompany a naked crepe cake and champagne cocktails rimmed with edible glitter. Our centerpiece was made from Forever Fleurs, flowers crafted by hand using heart-shaped wool felt petals and fallen twigs painted gold to give a gilded feel. These charming details, along with Maggpie’s assortment of vintage-inspired props and furniture, helped us create a cozy, romantic brunch that you’d want to linger at all day long.

Sara Villari of @occasionette

Sue Eggen of @giantdwarfshop

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