14 Days of Sweethearts – Sebasta Design


14 Days of Sweethearts – Sebasta Design

The thing I love about the Whiteman table is its versatility.  It can be anything you want it to be; clean and modern with a tabletop featured design or lush and intricate with a design capable of encapsulating the entire table from the floor to the tabletop and leg to leg.  It’s a perfect picture frame for any “painting”.  And that’s where my creativity wandered and my design began.

Photos by: Redfield Photograph  Design/Florals: Sebesta Design

Sebesta_Design_Photos_02 Sebesta_Design_Photos_05 Sebesta_Design_Photos_10 Sebesta_Design_Photos_12 Sebesta_Design_Photos_14 Sebesta_Design_Photos_15 Sebesta_Design_Photos_20 Sebesta_Design_Photos_25 Sebesta_Design_Photos_32 Sebesta_Design_Photos_35 Sebesta_Design_Photos_39

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