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14 Days of Sweethearts – Hello, Bird

Ashley Wrenn-Peterson from Hello, Bird was our first to take on her sweetheart table. I’m pretty sure it was the coldest day we had at the warehouse this winter so far but that did not stop her from creating a warm and inviting table. I was won over by her choice of textiles + our Grayson Settee with the Chesterfield Sweetheart table couldn’t fit her palette any better.

Ashley Wrenn-Peterson: @hellowrennbird
photos courtesy of @kylephillip


hello, bird was born from Ashley Wrenn-Peterson’s love of letters and beautiful [mostly paper] details of past generations

hello-bird-800-hey-there-handsome hello-bird-800-lace-sequins hello-bird-800-overhead hello-bird-800-youre-the-one hello-bird-sweethearts2

14 Days of Sweethearts – Belovely

Given the challenge, we started to think about sweetheart tables in general and the meaning of Valentines. So much of Valentines day is marketed towards making ‘Her’ happy, and we wanted to break that mold. We wanted to show love at it’s rawest form. No hearts, no chocolate, no diamonds or gimmicks. LOVE IS LOVE. Using a gay couple surrounded by their supportive entourage of lovely ladies, we created a table that is masculine in a delicate, yet powerful way. We stumbled upon this amazing copper and wood triangle and immediately fell in love. The Pink Triangle was used at the Nazi concentration camps as a badge to identify male prisoners who were sent there because of their homosexuality. We empowered this symbol. We gave it strength and support; because the heart wants what the heart wants. <3

Concept, design, styling & florals: @belovely_design // Photography: @therealm2 // Hair & Make Up: @yve_del  // Stationary & Calligraphy: @ohmaiartcreations // Gowns: @bhldn // Blonde Flower girl dress: @kohls // Thank you to our AMAZING models! Maggpie Whitman Sweetheart Table + Louis Mudcloth Chair + Liz Chair
















14 Days of Sweethearts – Leaves of Grass

“Tucked Into The Garden”… A magic little tabletop garden for the couple to tuck in to. Candles and branches above and below, a cascading stream of satin “water”, and lush florals on either side will frame them beautifully for their guests, while feeling like their own intimate, romantic space. This table is loaded with surprising and special details, like the vintage gold vases, fresh ferns and daffodils nestled into candle holders, and sprawling vines that grow over and under the table. We love styling WILDLY at Leaves of Grass, with lots of foraged and locally sourced materials that speak for themselves.” Maggpie’s Chesterfield Sweetheart Table +White Mismatched Chairs.

Amy Young: Leaves of Grass

Photos by Vale Bruck

800x800-COVER-SHOT 800x800-Detail_01 800x800-Detail_02 800x800-Detail_03 800x800-Detail_04 800x800-Detail_05 800x800-Detail_07 800x800-Detail_08

14 Days of Sweethearts – The New Old Fashioned

{sigialiano} this concept was inspired by my beautiful , strong Sicilian mother Concetta. Who is everything I hope to become. I’m still on my journey. The people of Sicily are extremely passionate people. They believe in family, faith and food above all else. When most people hear the word Sicily, they think of The Godfather, the Mafia , Dolce and Gabbana , or even more recently Pantone’s Marsala. And they would all be totally right! {we are THAT cool}. I really wanted to show the dark romance as well as the humble understated elegance of Sicily for this shoot, and I’m really proud of the result. And also, prosciutto cake !!!!!!

Anna DeMarco-Mills: The New Old Fashioned used Maggpie’s Chesterfield Sweetheart Table + Cherrie Chairs


Anna-D-pic-2-800-wide Anna-D-pic-3-800-wide Anna-D-pic-4-800-wide Anna-D-pic-5-800-wide Anna-D-pic-6-800-wide Anna-D-pic-7-800-wide Anna-D-pic-8-800-wide Anna-D-pic-9-800-wide

14 Days of Sweethearts – Ink + Mortar

Ink + Mortar Design Co. is a boutique graphic + web design studio and constructing one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted designs is our specialty. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to create identities and web designs and an outcome that is uniquely them. Ink + Mortar’s name comes from the belief that adding the hand-crafted touch (the ink) to a design foundation (the mortar) can create uniquely personal designs for each and every brand.

Our inspiration:

Putting ink to paper is our specialty here at @inkandmortar, so we chose to let paper and ink be the primary medium of our Sweetheart Table. Using the theme “One Giant Love Letter,” we combined three dimensional paper elements with our hand-drawn script, two beautiful wingback chairs, a Maggpie original table, and other vintage treasures from Maggpie’s collection to bring our vision to life!

instagram: @inkandmortar


From Maggpie: White Whitman Sweetheart Table + Charlee Chairs

inkandmortar-table-1 inkandmortar-table-2 inkandmortar-table-3 inkandmortar-table-4 inkandmortar-table-5 inkandmortar-table-6 inkandmortar-table-7


14 Days of Sweethearts – Bottle Pop Party Company

Bottle Pop Party Company is a full service wedding & event firm offering planning and design services in Philadelphia and beyond. As a boutique business, we take on a limited number of events per year to provide the ultimate in personalized and downright lovely wedding planning experiences. We formed the concept for this shoot then teamed up with some of our favorite wedding professionals to style this edgy but oh so pretty wedding inspiration shoot taking place at Maggpie’s industrial warehouse.

Light and airy Genestra suspended from the ceiling, dramatic pink protea infused into both the garland and bouquet, the florals provided by Fresh Designs Flora & Events captured the unique yet bold feeling we envisioned.  Our bride and groom kept true to their personalities with an untraditional blush BHLDN dress and gray suit combination and looked especially gorgeous thanks to hair and makeup by Janelle on Location. The tabletop was a simple yet striking mix of Crate and Barrel, custom menus by Papertree Studio and vintage pieces from Maggpie’s own collection.

The result is a Sweetheart Table perfect for the couple that truly wants something different & something that reflects the two of them both as individuals and as a couple.

Styling & Design Bottle Pop Party Co.

Venue & Furniture Maggpie Vintage Rentals
Flowers Fresh Designs Flora
Photography Hudson Nichols Fine Art Photography

Models Model Management Agency
Dresses BHLDN
Suit The Black Tux

Accessories & Jewelry Icing 101
Hair & Makeup Janelle on Location
Paper Papertree Studio

Pieces used from Maggpie: Black Whitman Sweetheart Table + Nadia Chairs

Bottle_Pop_HNP_1 Bottle_Pop_HNP_2 Bottle_Pop_HNP_3 Bottle_Pop_HNP_4

14 Days of Sweethearts – Kate Farley Design


The style direction for the sweetheart table design borrowed heavily from my own personal home style. Having a busy life, I strive for simplicity, minimalism and functionality in my every day life which is what Scandinavian design is all about. (Kate Farley Design | Danielle of Danfredo Photo + Film ( was just a perfect match when looking for a photographer because she has the same design style in her own home, so we paired up to make an awesome team. Keeping true to the aesthetic, we created a tablescape that incorporated loads of natural elements such as wood, leather, wool, copper, marble, antlers and skulls, metal, furs, hides and natural greens.

We chose Maggpie’s White Whitman table for it’s sleek design and light color combination of natural wood and white metal legs. The white Lincoln chairs were a perfect match to the clean lines of the table. The rest was a careful curation of items from our own personal homes and Maggpie’s amazing collection.

Rather than having an over the top design laden with florals, we decided to take the word sweetheart table literally and create a centerpiece with an assortment of miniature cakes made by Saylormade ( for a minimalist and functional tablescape.  The textural cakes were topped greens such as jasmine vine and button ferns placed atop marble cake stands and slabs. We used square marble chargers, rose gold flatware and copper moscow mules for the table setting and added a small copper pot filled with ferns which created a beautiful contrast on top of the light natural wood top of the table.

3jdQjJ6xwLUvXmpdLAc9KuwEhF_7K7w165bVf0AVT0 3Xux1ucZMvtHgsv-4vwAQfFtZyqI-H67snxpmtk2wg 6nOrRMKEgatHpBO2mj8O9z5Yjw63K7XoQ-uMDnE5jLw 12fDeiQw2eBAL_1DTB2G4bv8nyh5ubw0nY6YnNodmMc 799PSVqEa6811rzZDgQoLhxEamoqNsIIEtOhAJcp4eA aAYR8aFCNa32_hAkkTscLSnQxrpAQSM9ldsOxc9OhdQ b9OAEJD7zKen7ANNbK63yYxCdxt0J8e9J-RHIBgdYI DyDEM99HIzWtTLNCwoTKDdaPMlqE4I1DvpXuUXwBz4I EztTpruMNU9MTz0TDGuwFPNuNzdwHD30Eerm1vhqB2Q gf7GGeBz4Ror0zKx0Zw4dgs9UU1PPYrCDTThrl3d0Bk jMdc4UNsYXewLqDu5YXIGqmtqZOuvJ6kT6G4mR9-XJ0 kmquTCJu2B96EJLny0lQw0ud8F0MAMSu3OW-iejzaDM L8kzO6ELZexoxYY1bse8ICvxWm5hAJoScMO7zPCLvTc nZ9ZhxJPqr19C1EWvWEJ9U3kVJsjs1Zr43X-axFE7oE uQNJ_-Dn7rGpwyE2XQ1X8BdP3fU9XL9uIjCQ9vC9Zzg Wk94xwzVOTfs5ES80fZTPzxt8ARaJQAPikKfoIMLGt0 zymYbHjMTI3wR6S0g4hmaDOUvSH2tYqfIEcldURaSaE

14 days of Sweethearts – Love Me Do Photography, Confetti & Co.

When given the chance to design a sweetheart table, it was only natural to make the table be about our favorite pastime: camping and exploring America.

Each item on our tables cape comes from our own homes: artifacts we’ve collected from our many trips across our country, hiking state parks, wandering the desert, meeting new people and learning their stories.  The rest is the gear we often bring with us on our explorations: camp cookery, tools, games, blankets to keep us warm in our tents. We decided to focus our table on more of an American West theme, which is our favorite part of the States to visit and explore. We used tillandsia and spanish moss, both native to the southwest. The arrowheads were collected from Zion National Park, Utah and petrified wood from the Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. The blankets we used reference Yakima, Washington and Glacier National park, Montana. The camp gear can be found at most any camping store.

Sara from confetti & co. ( helped turn our ideas and artifacts into a tablescape that could appear at a wedding. Our female model is wearing the Prato Romper from BHLDN (

The coyote was hunted by Les Lipnicky and given to Al Liedke to live in his middle school classroom. Al’s students named him Wiley.

confettimedotable0003confettimedotable0001 confettimedotable0002confettimedotable0004 confettimedotable0005 confettimedotable0007

14 Days of Sweethearts – Sebasta Design

The thing I love about the Whiteman table is its versatility.  It can be anything you want it to be; clean and modern with a tabletop featured design or lush and intricate with a design capable of encapsulating the entire table from the floor to the tabletop and leg to leg.  It’s a perfect picture frame for any “painting”.  And that’s where my creativity wandered and my design began.

Photos by: Redfield Photograph  Design/Florals: Sebesta Design

Sebesta_Design_Photos_02 Sebesta_Design_Photos_05 Sebesta_Design_Photos_10 Sebesta_Design_Photos_12 Sebesta_Design_Photos_14 Sebesta_Design_Photos_15 Sebesta_Design_Photos_20 Sebesta_Design_Photos_25 Sebesta_Design_Photos_32 Sebesta_Design_Photos_35 Sebesta_Design_Photos_39

14 Days of Sweethearts – The Couture Cakery, Wildflowers by Design + Kim Winey Photography

Today’s lovely table inspiration comes from @couturecakery (cake & cupcakes) @kimwineyphotography (kim winey) & @wildflowersbydesign (floral design)

14days1 14days02-2 14days05-copy 14days13 14days14 14days15 boquet cake chair china flower

ethereal beauty + lush florals + a gorgeous cake decorated with hand painted blooms and delicate sugar flowers | in shades of soft smoky lavender, lilac, gold, mint, & champagne | all on a custom built @maggpievintage chesterfield table = an intimate and magical space every bride + groom dream of.  Beautiful silk ribbons @silkandwillow + linens from #specialoccasionslancaster + stationary & pillows @persnicketyinc + french macaroons @riceandnoodlesrestaurant

Team members:

Kim Winey Photography @kimwineyphotography    (Kim Winey)  (

Wildflowers by Design @wildflowersbydesign    (floral design)  (

The Couture Cakery @couturecakery    (cake and cupcakes)    (

Styling by the entire team

Additional contributors

Linens: Special Occasions  (

Stationery and pillow: Persnickety Invitation Studio @persnicketyinc   (

Silk scarf: Silk & Willow @silkandwillow   (

Macarons: Rice and Noodles @riceandnoodlesrestaurant    (